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The rates are identical for Brigels and Waltensburg. Lessons for ski munchkins are currently only offered in Brigels.

Lesson times ski munchkins

Monday to Friday Saturday and Sunday
09:45h - 12:00h Available on request
13:15h - 15:30h          


The lesson times of a ski munchkin (child younger than 4 years), are directed to the individual requirements of each child. In principle: max. 20 minutes of physical activity per year of age. Within the below mentioned times, your child can enjoy up to an hour of individual tuition. During the rest of the time your child will be looked after in the Scoletta.


Lesson times Kid's Village

Monday to Friday
10:00h - 11.45h
13.30h - 15.15h


The Kids Village lesson times slightly differ from the group lessons, in order to meet the physical requirements of the children.

Lesson Times Ski and Snowboard Classes

Further information you can find in our weekly programs.

* Practice slope: Blue Prince/King ski and Blue Prince snowboard