Cross-country skiing and Telemark

Cross-country skiing

Cross country skiing is a sport of the future. Climb onto the narrow skis and follow the trend into an athletic and healthy future. Our cross-country skiing instructor will help you on your path to success. But remember that success doesn’t come from nothing, and only practice and patience will make you a champion.  Fun with movement and enjoying the great outdoors are only two aspects of many! Come by today and reserve our sought-after cross-country instructor for a private lesson! Would you prefer to do this online? No problem: please follow this link, fill in the forms, send it to us and you will here from us as soon as possible. 


Telemark skiing has been back on the Swiss slope regularly since the 1980s. The material allows for large room for movement and can be used in many different ways. No turn can be skied as elegantly as the telemark turn. The movement is gentle and dynamic at the same time. The harmony in the movement and the variety make this snow sport so fascinating. Let us surprise you!


Reservations can be made by following this link or coming to our office. We are glad to advise you on this subjekt. You find our opening hours here

Please consider: Pre-registration is required for our private lessons. Due to organisational reasons cancelations can only be considered if done 24 hours before the agreed date. We teach in every weather. The subject matter is based on the Swiss Snow League.

Lesson times


10:00h - 12:00h


13:00h - 15:00h

Half day:

10:00h - 12:00h


13:00h - 15:00h

13:30h - 15:30h


by arrangement: 

                             12:00h - 13:00h

                             15:00h - 16:00h


1h ski munchkin private,

45 min. max.

  80 CHF

 1h private lesson (1-2 p.) 

  95 CHF

 2h private lesson (1-2 p.) 180 CHF



for every further person 

 10 CHF


Would you already like to reserve your private lesson today? Simply follow this link, complete the form and send it to us. We’ll take care of the rest. 

Meeting points

Meet your private instructor at one of our meeting points which you can find here