Swiss Snow League


We teach according to the Standards of the Swiss Snow league. Please remember bringing your booklet to class. If you do not have one yet, you will get one for 5 CHF in our office - unless you have never skied before.


And this is what "Swiss Snow League" means: In the Swiss Snow League you learn the sport of skiing or snowboarding from scratch. As a beginner you work to achieve the snow sport fundamentals in the blue league. You will strengthen these in the red league before you finally mature to an expert in the black league.

Professional snow Sports instructors teach you and keep track of your progress in your personal booklet. In this way you will always be placed in the correct league in every swiss ski and snowboard school.

The Swiss Snow League is a classification method and presents our product range. You can enter at any Level.   

Important for star students of the SSBWA!

The star students are integrated into the respective king classes and individually challenged. The reason for this is that the minimal number of participants for an own star class or king class are often not reached. This applies to all levels and we hope for your understanding.